Content Warning: Explicit discussion of depression, death and suicide. It does not portray death but it discusses it in detail. Do not play this if you are newly feeling suicidal or are actively planning it. If you are, please seek immediate help, people want to listen. This work does not endorse or recommend suicide in any way, and is not intended to be fun or comedic.

This is a piece of interactive first-person non-fiction that documents my struggles with depression and obsessive suicidal thoughts.  My depression manifests as negative thoughts more than negative emotions, so it may not be useful for people with a more emotional depression. Yes, I'm already being treated for depression and writing this was part of that process. I'm publishing this because it might help someone else know they're not alone, and what worked for me might work for them.

There are multiple paths that represent where my thoughts go, and it touches a bit on meditation, cognitive therapy, and physical treatments. There is no Good or Bad Ending, but there are some infinite loops, because that is how obsessive thoughts work.